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Beyond the Narrative 

Beyond the Narrative is a Fiji-based Storytelling Project dreamt up by Fenton Lutunatabua. Fenton is an experienced facilitator, trainer, content creator, digital strategist, and project steward. He believes that people need to be able to powerfully tell their own stories and can provide and hold space for people to be able to do that.  Fenton also recently took a dive into the world of podcasting with the hopes of capturing the voices and stories of normal everyday Pacific Islanders, documenting their truths in an audio format for posterity.


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We are the multiple, complex truths beyond just single stories, and in order to stand powerfully in all of who we are, we need to tell deeper more nuanced stories.   


Beyond the Narrative : The Podcast

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This is a podcast that values the story that lives in everyone. It showcases the complex and dynamic truths of everyday Pacific Islanders and those that call the Pacific home. It hopes to consciously seek complete narratives and believes in justice through storytelling, and purpose through service.

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About Fenton

Fenton is the founder of Beyond the Narrative. Fenton is currently the Head of Regions at serving Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Pacific. He has a background in journalism and psychology, and over 10 years of experience in radio and TV. His passion as a storyteller, writer, photographer, organizer, and facilitator led him to create his podcast, Beyond the Narrative. Fenton is a board member of the Pacific Islands Climate Action Network and supports cross-regional climate policy work in this role. He serves on the Pacific Climate Warriors Secretariat and supports Pacific Climate advocacy across 16 Pacific Island nations and diaspora communities in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.

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