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Who We Are

We are a small and growing team dedicated to the principles of storytelling. We also work with a team of partners around the region and the world. 

Fenton Lutunatabua Portrait 1.jpg

Fenton Lutunatabua

Fenton is the founder of Beyond the Narrative. He has been with the global climate organization for 5 years now. He currently works as the Pacific Regional Managing Director. Prior to that, he was the Pacific Communications Coordinator (2013-2015), and Pacific Campaigner (2015-2017). He has over 10 years' experience in radio and TV as a radio and TV personality. He is a writer, photographer, and entrepreneur. Fenton has worked with Greenpeace as a volunteer Oceans campaigner and local group coordinator for several years and has also worked as a Greenpeace Australia Pacific part-time Media Advisor. Fenton has done three international ship tours with Greenpeace vessels, the Esperanza and the Rainbow Warrior III. He is a trained facilitator and dedicated to the social justice movement.


Thelma Young

Thelma is a digital strategist and storyteller, focusing on supporting communities and NGOs to better be able to amplify their important messages.   She is currently the Digital Storyteller and Social Media Manager for the global climate organization Previously,  she worked with civil society networks in Burma/Myanmar and Thailand to promote human rights and democracy during pivotal moments.  She believes in the importance of people being able to share their own story and have led community-based storytelling pieces of training in a multitude of countries including Kenya, Samoa, and the Philippines. She has an M.A. in Media Studies from The New School. You can find out more about her work at


Fulori Manoa

Fulori Manoa is an educator who has taught at the Secondary and Tertiary levels in Fiji. She helps teach a course on Ethics and Governance at the University of the South Pacific (2011 – 2014, 2017 – present). As someone who facilitates Online Learning, she is passionate about improving access to quality education/training in the Pacific Region. Her current research focuses on students’ Online/Mobile Learning habits/practices and how they can be leveraged to design educational/instructional content that is more effective and that is more readily accessible. She holds a Master of Learning Sciences and Technology degree from the University of Sydney and she is currently completing a Masters in Politics and International Affairs at the University of the South Pacific. Her research interests are varied and include Pacific Island Regionalism and Diplomacy, and Online Learning and Mobile Learning in the Pacific Islands. 


Wilfred Wendt

Wilfred is an experienced media professional specializing in project management. He also has an extensive volunteer background with various non-profits. 

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