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Jacynta Fa'amau

 I feel like I’ve known Jacynta for half a century, when in actuality it’s been just half a decade. She is a bright creative light in the climate movement, and she’s the perfect person to help kick off Season 2 of the Beyond the Narrative podcast. We had this conversation in the mountains outside of Apia, Samoa and really were able to dive into a garden of issues. In this episode, Jacynta shares so much wisdom around navigating her Samoan identity while living in the diaspora, her work creating space for other Pacific Islanders to step into the Australian climate world, and also gives keen insight into her fashion line.  .

Season 1 : Episode 4

Andrew Paris

Have you wondered recently, what else might be in the fish you’re eating? In Episode 4, “What Lies Beneath,” we check in about the state of Fiji’s oceans with marine biologist Andrew Paris. He walks us through the ways that marine life is under threat - from micro plastics to people dumping car batteries in the water - and we also discuss some possible solutions. We love learning about the daily realities of field research for him, and it’s especially interesting to hear all the ways as a Fijian researcher, how him and his team honour communities and build traditional knowledge into the preservation work.

Season 1 : Episode 3

Fulori Salusalu Manoa-Uluilakeba

In “Faith and Resilience”, Fulori Salusalu Manoa-Uluilakeba weaves together beautiful truths around holding onto faith and taking risks. She shows how we can navigate life so much better if we have the right relationships helping us along the way. Fulori is a brilliant academic researching Pacific diplomacy, as well as online learning spaces. She’s also a mother who has taken her family along with her on our educational journey. 

Season 1 : Episode 2

Mereia Rova

Don’t you love people in your life that just make you laugh? Chatting with Mereia was so much fun! True to form, she brought her beautiful full self and spoke so clearly to the need for Art in our lives.

I love the lesson here about creating and putting it out there regardless of the nay sayers and the haters! Just do it anyway. Not only live, but thrive in your areas of discomfort , thats the only way you will grow. Step out, be creative, push the boundaries and explore different things.

Season 1 : Episode 1

Alisi Rabukawaqa-Nacewa

In our very first episode of the brand new Beyond the Narrative Podcast, I get to sit down and chat with Alisi Rabukawaqa Nacewa. In this episode we share stories and I ask, or at least try to ask, important questions (very bias) that definitely help shape the rest of the season(s). Its so great to sit down and listen to this master storyteller who is so sure of her identity and purpose. Alisi talks about what it's like to do the work she does, shares her experience with beauty pageants in the Pacific and the love she has for her husband and her children. I think its sweet and raw, and sincere and I hope it makes you smile.

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