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Services and Offerings

A look at some of the services offered. If you're interested, contact me and we can have conversations about what you need. Beyond the Narrative is flexible and can work with you depending on the situation.

One-on-one story coaching for personal storytelling.

Need help to tell your story and building your brand? We can help you understand and articulate what drives you to do the work that you do, how your work relates to others around you, and how necessary it is in this day and age. We can offer pieces of training to help you understand your story and support you to tell that story to the world. We provide story coaching for leaders who especially want to sharpen their narrative and their ability to deliver it powerfully. As coaches, we provide expert input on story content, style and delivery for leaders who will act as spokespeople or representatives, and those that prefer to work in a one- on- one context. We need at least 10-12 hours of one-on-one work in order to really support you taking your story to the next level. This coaching can be done face to face or online.


'One-day in a group' and 'multi-day in person' workshops and trainings.

Personal Narrative 

We can work with community groups, schools, organizations, businesses to run workshops around how to discover your narrative.


The one-day in a group workshop will allow participants to learn how to powerfully communicate their personal stories as it relates to their work. The workshop will help them better connect with their audiences and inspire them to act. Being part of this workshop will help leaders understand the power of sharing their personal stories as a critical leadership tool. The workshop uses a specific public speaking method developed by President Obama’s Advisor Marshall Ganz. Each participant will leave the one-day with a better sense of their personal story and the tools to put it together in a speech.

The multi-day in person training is an extension of the 'one day in group' workshop that will move interested participants through a full curriculum. Each participant will leave with a developed speech that they have delivered and practiced prior to their speaking engagement.

Digital Storytelling and Social Media 

Our other set of trainings focus on giving people to ability to document and share their stories online. We walk through basics around basic content creation (photo and video) as well as social media best practices. 


Our training is also geared to assist people with limited digital access. We believe that anyone with just a basic cell phone has the ability to engage with social discourse.


Strategic advice around storytelling in new and old media spaces.

Need help thinking through a campaign or communications strategy? we can help you meet your objectives, connect with your audience, and elevate and amplify your message, whilst always placing at the center your business/ organization's core values. We can provide you expert advice on the strategic direction of your business/ organization, and expert feedback on building and implementing your communications strategy in social media spheres as well as traditional print media, television, and radio. 


Creative Producers

We can work with you on photo shoots, video projects and more to ensure that the final product delivers the engaging results you want. 

Meeting Facilitation

We are also trained facilitators and can help make your meetings a success. 

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It is true that we are our best selves when we are standing in our truths. It is Beyond the Narrative's hope to see more people wanting that in this world. Fenton has worked across the Pacific as well as internationally.

Here are some of the ways BTN can work with you:

  • One-on-one story coaching for personal storytelling

  • 'One-day in a group' and 'multi-day in-person' workshops or training around storytelling, public speaking, digital content creation, and social media strategy. 

  • Strategic advice around storytelling in new and old media spaces.

  • Facilitate group meetings and Training for Trainers. 

  • Creative producer to support video projects, photo shoots and more. 

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